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from Tew Be Continued by Miss Kam



[Verse 1]

Niggas should be ashamed of they self
Tried to send shots at me
And brought the pain to they self
Bitches speaking on me
Tryna make a name for they self
Ain’t nobody pay attention
So you played with yourself
Bitches lucky I got class
So you was saved by the bell
They ask me what I wanna do
I say take ‘em to hell
I feel like Quincy Jones
I’m doin’ numbers
Like I’m paying bills for sixty phones
I put that pressure on ‘em
Now they ring a different tone
Type of shit I’m on
I really gotta drag my nuts on these niggas like

[Verse 2]

Type of shit I’m on you niggas ain’t built for
Bitch I got a body this face these hoes kill for
Should I go on
The numbers pretty
I’m like should I perform
‘Long as I can blow smoke
And leave a cloud like a storm
Make me end ya fuckin’ world
Have me blowing the horns
And enemies can go to hell
I ain’t showing remorse
But of course
You pick a side
Then bitch we going to war
I was cool before
But now a bitch showing the sword
Try stop me
I’ma go in some more
I’m good on all the fake love
You don’t owe me support
I know you prolyl peeped the absence of some homies support
Well let’s act like them nigga don’t know me no more

[Verse 3]

Fuck these fake industry niggas
They do whatever just to keep a name
I said it in the first line
You should be ashamed
You say you see the vision
Nigga we don’t see the same
You blow ya breath in the game
Bitch I breathe the game
Understand that I’m a different breed
Bitches can hate me
But they know I’m what these bitches need
I bring the table
And you niggas can’t sit wit me
Mane you niggas can’t sit wit me
Now lemme do a victory screech
Everybody know my favorite juice is Simply Peach
Ask me how I’m manifesting
Well it simply speaks
Why you questioning these blessings that was destined for me
Why you pressuring me
Think you know me better then me
I had to let go of some shit was weighing heavy on me
I put the city on my back you should be crediting me
Some niggas walked away
The only one stepping was me
If you ever feeling pressure
Bitch the pressure is me


from Tew Be Continued, released December 31, 2022
Produced by:

Doowy Lloh


all rights reserved



Miss Kam Baltimore, Maryland

Heavy-hitting, bar-spitting, and unforgiving. Miss Kam is relentlessly taking the crown as the Queen of Baltimore's rap scene. Her debut EP "Birthday Pack" and LP "Tew Faced" display her effortless quality of being a vocal and sonic chameleon. Enjoy West-Baltimore's finest. ... more

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