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from Tew Be Continued by Miss Kam



[Verse 1]

I ain’t got shit to prove
Treat my shit like crack I got shit to move
I’m a sweetheart to him
But I’m a bitch to you
Gotta keep different energy for different dudes
Gotta keep me some fits I can slip into
Bitch that ain’t yo nigga
That’s dick for two
Don’t trip, if he fuckin’
Then he trickin’ too
Pick ya lip up
Lookin’ all miserable
Bitch I stay in the cut
I’m a hidden jewel
Try to take sumn’ bitch ‘Ima give it to ‘em
Bitch I’m deep in the water and you dip into it
Bitch I’m deep in the water lemme get into it

Bitch I’m deep in the water and you dip into it
Bitch I’m deep in the water lemme get into it

Bitch I’m deep in the water and you dip into it
Bitch I’m deep in the water lemme

Hold up

Bitch I said what I said
And I’m stickin’ to it
All these niggas wearin Nike and didn’t do it
Got my first thirty racks I was siftin’ through it
When my mama told me save
I ain’t listen to her
When my nana told me pray
I ain’t listen to her
Father told me stop playin’
I ain’t listen to him
Realized all them cliques I ain’t fit into ‘em
Who am I?
If I tell you
You gon’ listen to me?
Bitch I’m still workin’ forty hours
And bitches hatin
But they still fuck for forty dollars
Now that’s some pussy power
And I ain’t talkin’ down
But these my real ass thoughts when I walk around
But if I really say it then they gon hate me
Fuck ‘em
Oh this nigga said he wanna date me?
Fuck him
I be indecisive still know I want something
But at the same time I don’t really want nothin’
I can feel when a bitch ain’t real in my stomach
That shit start turnin’
My skin burnin’
You wanna be gang but you did not earn it
I gave you the game but you did not learn it
And I told you niggas change
But you ain’t listen to me
Hella niggas not here cause they ain’t listen to me
Give a fuck if these niggas don’t listen to me
Turn the volume up and hopefully they listen me

Turn that shit up
Yeah I’ma burn that shit up
Turn that shit up
Let’s go

[Verse 2]

Turn that shit up
Miss Kam on it she gon burn that shit up
Yeah I heard she rap
But I heard that bitch suck
Yeah I heard she rap
But I heard that bitch
Heard that bitch don’t rap like me
How she don’t like me but she act just like me
Bitch I am the shit like I’m backed up nightly
Bitches can’t see me even if it’s on sight
See, I was down bad in the trenches wit them roaches
Bad bitch mean mug nigga don’t approach me
If you wanna know the tea nigga listen closely
Hop out my biz if you don’t motherfuckin’ know me
Bitch I get paid yo balencis just to walk in
You tryna drag I beg yo motherfuckin’ pardon
I turn it up and get this motherfucker started
You think you fly come in like S.W.A.T. and get to poppin’
You pretty baby I think you should stick to modeling
‘Fore I rip ya face out
Knock a bitch down for she even get the mace out
Seen it in ya face
You a bitch filled with straight doubt
Bitch we outside ten deep like a stake out
Make me tie you up good like some fuckin’ take out
Let me ask you something
Is you ready take the safe route?
Cause getting’ to this paper ain’t nothing
That I play ‘bout
That woman ain’t ready
Nigga gon’ put ya cape down
And I got shooters down south like Cape Town
This just a break down
But I ain’t break down
I put my demons down deep
They try escape out
Look it was nights I ain’t eat
And I ain’t make out
A bitch was ugly
Edges bummy
Face would break out
Fuckin straight clowns
And you still do
You gotta get it how you live it so I feel you
I tell these niggas I can fuck you
I can’t heal you
But as a real bitch does what the real do
I turn it down a lor bit so I can hear you
I turn it down a lor bit so I can hear you
Bitch, nigga
Turn that shit up nigga
It’s slight
Doowy Lloh bitch


from Tew Be Continued, released December 31, 2022
Produced by: Doowy Lloh


all rights reserved



Miss Kam Baltimore, Maryland

Heavy-hitting, bar-spitting, and unforgiving. Miss Kam is relentlessly taking the crown as the Queen of Baltimore's rap scene. Her debut EP "Birthday Pack" and LP "Tew Faced" display her effortless quality of being a vocal and sonic chameleon. Enjoy West-Baltimore's finest. ... more

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