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from Tew Be Continued by Miss Kam

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[Verse 1]

Big dog gon’ get released
I’m gon’ come for the streets
Stirred up the pot now they wanting some peace
We ain’t forgot better run for ya piece
Headshot don’t come for knees
Milk of the goat it don’t come from the sheep
Pick what I want
And I want one of each
Only decision that I make with ease
Holding it in I just want some release
Mama back hurting
I love her to pieces
Father still kirking
Act like he don’t need me
Deep in the water I look for the leeches
Nana I miss you can’t lie I’m still grieving
Bitches gon’ envy it’s only one reason
Industry trippin’ act like they don’t see me
They never said that this shit would be easy


Big dog gon’ get released
I’m gon’ come for the streets
Stirred up the pot now they wanting some
We ain’t forgot better

I can never be boxed in
Cloth that’s made for a prophet
Shocked I made it to top ten
Four years that I been locked in
Lost myself then I found it
I can’t lose I’m too grounded
I’m reppin’ my city
I gotta hold that shit down
If it ain’t me then it’s Dee
And bitch you know how she comin’
Accident smacked me
Said that I was takin’ off for the summer
I’m winning ‘cause I knew I had it
And I knew what I wanted
I’m always comin too forreal so why the fuck could I front ‘em
I’m everything they wanna be
So why the fuck am I humble
That’s a conversation strictly for my maker and I
Everybody got it in ‘em it’s jus patience and time
And right now it’s my time cause I been patient wit mine
The evolution lookin’ beautiful
I happen to find
A gem in every second given
And a passion for time
It always feel like Christmas time when I’m rappin’ for mine
This a gift you should be glad I arrived, bitch


from Tew Be Continued, released December 31, 2022
Produced by:

Tony Sure


all rights reserved



Miss Kam Baltimore, Maryland

Heavy-hitting, bar-spitting, and unforgiving. Miss Kam is relentlessly taking the crown as the Queen of Baltimore's rap scene. Her debut EP "Birthday Pack" and LP "Tew Faced" display her effortless quality of being a vocal and sonic chameleon. Enjoy West-Baltimore's finest. ... more

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